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Hosted by the Southern Cross Alliance

Welcome to the 2948 Crux Cup

The Crux Cup is a racing competition designed in an elimination format to determine a single champion or as known in-verse, the Acrux which is the brightest star in the Southern Cross. Prizes will be awarded to those that finish 3rd and upwards in the competition.

The Southern Cross Alliance organisation introduced the Crux Cup as a way of commemorating the anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Suvla Bay in the Dardanelles. We hope their sacrifice would be remembered 1000 years into the future and this racing event ensures it.

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Finals scheduled for November 17/18 2948

"Race, win and remember"

Acrux Champion 2946

"Lest we forget"

Dr. Hershall Verne Evatt
Chair of the Advisory Committee to the Sol System senators

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